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Pirate in Puerto Rico Garners $15,000 Fine

Agents determined signal exceeded Part 15 limits

Following up on a previously reported item, the FCC fined Eleuterio Lebron $15,000 for operating a pirate station in Guayama, Puerto Rico.

After receiving an interference complaint, agents from the San Juan office traced the source of radio transmissions on 88.5 MHz to a specific building. They determined the signals exceeded Part 15 operation limits. During an inspection in June, Lebron confirmed over the phone that he owned the station. He told the operator to take the station off the air.

The commission said in its decision that Lebron controlled the station’s operations, and it found that “he willfully operated the station in apparent violation of the rules. Because the operation occurred on more than one day, we find that the apparent violation was repeated.”

The base fine for operating a station without a license is $10,000. Because Lebron had been warned verbally and in writing that operating a station without a license was illegal back in February 2010, and continued to operate the station, the commission tacked on another $5,000, bringing the total fine to $15,000.

He has 30 days to pay or ask to have the fine cancelled or reduced.

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