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Pittman on the Hook for $36,500 in Fines

Faces citations for no EAS gear, antenna infractions

Pittman Broadcasting is on the hook for $36,500 in penalties for EAS and other infractions, according to the FCC. The fines involve two stations and have progressed from Notices of Apparent Liability to Forfeiture Orders.

The Enforcement Bureau fined the licensee $22,500 for not having an operational EAS system and logs, as well as for not cleaning or repainting its antenna nor installing lighting at its antenna structure for WUUU(FM), Franklinton, La. Pittman told the FCC last July it repaired the EAS gear and had planned to dismantle the antenna structure.

The $14,000 fine is for Pittman’s KVOL(AM), Lafayette, La., for lack of EAS gear and overpowered transmission. Pittman certified to the agency that both issues are fixed.

For both stations, Pittman asked the Enforcement Bureau to reduce or cancel the fines, saying the broadcaster ran at a net loss for both 2009 and 2010 and had “minimal net income” for 2011. However the FCC requires gross revenues as proof of inability to pay and says there’s an insufficient basis on which to reduce or cancel the fines.

Pittman must pay the penalties within 30 days.