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Plans to Incorporate HD Radio Into Cellphones Underway

SiPort HD chip would be embedded into devices; look for cellphone session on Monday

For years, HD Radio proponents have talked of getting the technology into cellphones and other devices sometime in the future, most likely after analog FM. Now, there’s more to say about getting HD in cellphones, with a plan coming together.

The potential benefits to the industry of this plan will be discussed in a management session Monday at the NAB Show. That’s according to NAB’s David Layer. Speaking here in Las Vegas at the Public Radio Engineering Conference, Layer said iBiquity Digital will discuss the current state of HD Radio technology as well as how HD Radio, when integrated into smart phones, provides for commercial opportunities and benefits for broadcasters, cellular service providers, and listeners.

The idea is for a SiPort HD Radio chip to be incorporated into a smartphone. I’ve previously written about the Silicon Valley company’s chip in the Insignia HD, the first portable device for HD Radio.

Speakers plan to discuss the HD concept as well as details of getting an FM analog chip in cellphones and other devices during the broadcast management session “Radio-ready Cell Phones: Benefiting Consumers and Broadcasters” at 1p.m. in room N235.