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Please Vote: We Salute Excellence in Engineering

In this issue, I ask you to take part in saluting a handful of engineers who have made a difference in our industry.

In this issue, I ask you to take part in saluting a handful of engineers who have made a difference in our industry.

The new Radio World Excellence in Engineering Award recognizes individuals for excellence in U.S. radio broadcast engineering. Nominees were chosen by a panel of Radio World advisers, contributors, suppliers and other industry experts. The winner is chosen from among the nominees by your vote, which you can cast by clicking here.

I asked the nominators to identify colleagues who represent the highest ideals of the U.S. radio broadcast engineering profession and reflect those ideals through their contributions to our industry.

Factors they considered included but were not limited to the candidate’s engineering proficiency, certifications, project management skills, industry honors, service to industry organizations, commitment to mentoring, professional advancement, educational level and other contributions.

I now ask you to consider these factors as well, to cast your selection for the person you feel most represents the excellence that we expect in our profession. We’ll announce the top vote-getter during the upcoming NAB convention.

Why this, why now?

Engineers have not always enjoyed appropriate recognition in our industry; but I’m pleased to observe that this is changing. Since 1991, the NAB has had a separate award for achievement in radio engineering. More radio employers have stepped up their efforts to laud their top engineers publicly; Clear Channel has just launched an engineer of the year award.

While Radio World bows to no one in our long-standing appreciation of radio engineers, we are overdue in formalizing that appreciation through an award of our own.

Are there other people who should have been nominated? Of course. Indeed, several well-known engineers declined their nominations for various reasons, mostly humility. And our selection process will want refinement. This first year represents just the beginning of our award program, and I hope you’ll help me to improve it by sending me your suggestions as well as your votes.

I expect that the Radio World Excellence in Engineering Award will be a significant career honor for a broadcast engineer, as it truly reflects the approbation of his or her peers. Please help us salute these fine professionals.