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Plug-In Light From Hosa

LED light offers connection options

Cable and accessories maker Hosa Technology is adding to its line of LED gooseneck plug-in lights, the LTE503XLR4 and LTE519XLR4.

LTE503XLR4 is a 15-inch light and the LTE519XLR4 is an 18-inch model. Both use four-pin male XLR connectors for power. The lighting configuration consists of four white LEDs and two red LEDs, which are designed to combine into a less-eye straining and more color-accurate light.

The LEDs also consume less energy from a console and operate cooler, thus eliminating occasional burns. They should also last much longer.

Hosa Technology National Marketing Director Jonathan Pusey said, “This versatile accessory is easy on the eyes, never burns one’s hands and provides just the right amount of light.”

The LTE503XLR4 and LTE519XLR4 join similar LED lights that are based on BNC and XLR3M connectors.