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Podbridge Cites Patent

Podbridge Cites Patent

Podbridge Inc. said its company founder and CEO has been awarded a U.S. patent covering “the dynamic insertion, splicing together and storage of time-shifted audio and video content.”
The company is a podcast audience measurement and ad network. The founder is Murgesh Navar.
“The ideas described in the patent enable the seamless combination of multimedia content and advertising for contiguous playback on a range of devices including set-top boxes, PCs and portable media players,” it stated.
“Currently, the storage and distribution of online media content, such as streaming audio and video, or podcasts, is managed and delivered by centralized server infrastructure,” it continued. “Podbridge’s intelligent client-based system enables different types of content, such as entertainment and advertising, to be individually targeted, distributed and assembled directly on the consumer’s device. Advertisements can be dynamically inserted into content and rotated for time-sensitive promotions.”