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Podbridge Hopes to Profit From Podcasting

Podbridge Hopes to Profit From Podcasting

Podbridge said it is offering a new ad network that is “aimed at turning the fast-growing podcasting phenomenon into a viable and profitable business.”
The service includes the ability to track the number of listens, place ads by demographic and location, rotate multiple ads and manage campaign budgets. The supplier calls these capabilities unique.
California-based Podbridge is funded by venture capital firms and says it is building a network of media companies whose podcasts will use its technology. It said it has partnerships with content providers such as BBC, Clear Channel stations KNEW and KQKE, and Sports Byline USA.
Ronning Lipset Radio will act as the company’s third-party ad representative, responsible for selling audio spots into the Podbridge network.
The company cites Forrester Research statistics indicating that podcasting will reach 12.3 million households by 2010 “as portable player adoption climbs and broadband reaches 62 percent of households.”