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Podcasting Comes to KCRW

Podcasting Comes to KCRW

The buzzword right now is Podcasting, and KCRW-Santa Monica is getting into it in a big way.
The NPR affiliate said it will start an extensive podcasting line-up on March 1 that features its locally produced talk, news, cultural programs and commentaries free of charge.
“No other broadcaster has attempted to launch the number and caliber of programs on this scale all at once,” it stated. “KCRW’s decision ten years ago to launch a website and begin streaming its programs positioned the station as an ‘early adopter’ of the new digital technologies.” (For more on Podcasting, see your print copy of Radio World, Feb. 2, page 26.)
Podcasting allows listeners to download what they want to hear and when they want to hear it. Listeners can select favorite programs, hook up MP3 players to their computers and “sync” downloads of the programs.
A station executive called Podcasting “a further extension of the radio station.”