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Poland Conducts DAB+ Trial

Info-TV-Operator teams with Polskie Radio for digital broadcasts

INFO-TV-Operator, part of the NFI Magna Polonia Capital Group, announced that it would work with national broadcaster Polskie Radio on a DAB+ trial.

The trial, which starts before the end of the year and will last at least three months, will allows listeners to access programs as well as a series of dedicated services integrated in the broadcasts, such as an electronic program guide, slideshow, text information and simple websites.

“Our trial will be the first SFN-mode emission in Warsaw area,” said Maciej Lipinski, Info-TV project manager. “We believe that synchronized transmission will ensure better coverage.”

Lipinski added they would broadcast some of the current analog radio programs from the public broadcaster as well as a mobile TV channel in T-DMB and that theme content and an “audio bundle would be equipped with related data.”

“Beside the digital audio streams, we would like to carry some extra data in the multiplex, like broadcast websites, multimedia slideshows, and most of all, innovative traffic information based on TPEG technology,” said Lipinski. “TPEG info tied with DAB+ would be definitely the first such an experiment in Poland, and one of only few around Europe.”