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Polk Audio Underscores Early August I-Sonic Availability

Polk Audio Underscores Early August I-Sonic Availability

RW Online reported in news from NAB2006 that Polk Audio planned to ship its I-Sonic Entertainment System that includes HD Radio in August. The company is now publicizing this news more widely and says it has finalized the design.
Originally targeted for shipping last spring, the I-Sonic is described by the company as “a complex, first-of-its-kind product and has proven to be a more time-consuming project than we originally envisioned.”
The I-Sonic stereo system includes an AM/FM and HD Radio tuner, a DVD/CD player and XM Satellite Radio capability. The unit includes Auxiliary inputs for external iPod, MP3 and other personal portable players.
The unit will list for just under $600.
Polk is also developing a special Web site for the I-Sonic and invites comments.