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Polk I-Sonic to Start Shipping This Month

Polk I-Sonic to Start Shipping This Month

Baltimore-based manufacturer Polk Audio plans to ship its I-Sonic tabletop HD Radio to Tweeter stores in the middle of this month.
This will be the second available HD-R tabletop, after the Boston Acoustics Recepter HD.
Polk has started taking orders on its Web site and will start shipping those around the same time, according to Marketing Manager Paul DiComo.
“In mid-August we will also start filling the broadcaster backorders that have been accumulating since shortly after the unit was unveiled,” said DiComo. He said the company has numerous broadcaster orders to fill.
“Supplies will be tight for the first couple of months and we ask for patience from broadcasters, consumers and media outlets while we steadily fulfill the huge pent-up demand. This product has taken us longer to bring to market than we anticipated but we believe discriminating listeners will find it well worth the wait.”
The HD Radio multicast-capable unit also features a DVD player and can receive XM Satellite Radio for those who have an XM antenna and subscribe. The I-Sonic can also play music CDs, MP3 discs, video and picture CDs. The radio lists for just under $600.
It ships with a loop AM antenna and an external dipole FM antenna.