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Portable CD-R for Burning on the Go

Portable CD-R for Burning on the Go

CD CyClone Duplication LLC has a new external CD-RW drive called CDRevo which has a futuristic-looking case with a handle.
Two models are available; a 12x4x32 Firewire version for $399 list and a 4x4x32 USB version that lists for $299. An iMac version is expected to be available soon in five colors to color-coordinate the unit with an iMac.
The CyClone RW kit comes bundled with CD mastering software, cables CD-R and CD-RW media along with all the necessary items to start producing CDs.
The unit with Firewire support is hot swappable; meaning it can be removed without requiring the computer to be restarted.
For more information, contact the company in California at (949) 470-4795 or check out the Web site at
Paul Cogan