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Portable Eureka-147 Radios Coming for U.K.

Portable Eureka-147 Radios Coming for U.K.

VideoLogic plans to release a portable version of a Eureka-147 DAB radio in the United Kingdom for about $150 (U.S.) later this month. The Pure EVOKE-1 goes on sale through independent retailers from July, and will continue through December. The Digital Radio Development Bureau is supporting the launch with an on-air radio campaign and Point of Sale material for stores promoting both the product and generic DAB listening. The first batch of radios will be available in London by the end of July, and stocks are expected to roll out across the rest of the country in August.
The radio may also be used in Spain, Scandinavia, Singapore and Korea. It uses the Frontier Silicon chip, third generation DAB technology and comes with an auxiliary speaker output, headphone socket, line out, power input, telescopic aerial and aerial connector. An optional matching speaker turns it from mono to stereo. For more information visit