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Portland Pirate Moves Online After FCC Warning

David Tedder of Longview had been transmitting “KRAP” for two years from home

A Portland, Oregon radio pirate has shifted his efforts from broadcast to online after a visit from an agent of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau.

David Tedder of Longview, Ore. had been broadcasting for two years as “KRAP” on 107.9 Mhz. He told the Longview Daily News he decided to turn off the over-the-air signal and stream instead after a visit from an agent from the FCC’s Portland Enforcement Bureau; the agent warned Tedder it’s illegal to operate a station without a license.

Tedder said he began hard rock KRAP two years ago when a station with that format, KUFO, switched.

KRAP was operating with about 15 watts of power.

The FCC had an interference complaint about KRAP, and traced the source of the signal to Tedder’s home.