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PowaTag Promises Instant Purchases From Radio Ads

Can radio join the world of two-way e-commerce?

Everything is just a click away these days thanks to the Internet. Dan Wagner, CEO of U.K.-based Powa Technologies, wants people to be able to have the same kind of access with radio ads, among other media.’s Jack Neff writes that the company this summer will launch PowaTags, an app that allows users to scan inaudible audio signals in radio ads, allowing for instant purchases. PowaTags will also be available for other media outlets like print and outdoor ads as QR-code-like images.

Radio has long been tantalized by the idea of incorporating e-commerce and creating more of a two-way connection with listeners, especially buyers, and could potentially be one of PowaTags biggest benefactors, according to Neff’s article. “When we go live this summer with over 1,200 brands all over the world, that’s going to have a huge impact,” says Wagner.

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