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Poway — Now a Ham-Friendly City

New city regulations please local ham community

Poway, Calif., might become a Mecca for amateur radio operators with regulations approved in early August by the City Council.

Antennas up to 65 feet can now be built with only a building permit required. In addition, a compromise was reached on requirements for neighbor notification. Tower builders will be required to apprise neighbors within a 250-foot radius of the tower. 

ARRL was involved in the negotiations, aiding local lawyer Felix Tinkov, who pressed the local hams’ case. The Poway Amateur Radio Society had been working on the issue for a couple of years. Previously the regulations set a maximum antenna height of 35 feet or special permission for anything taller.

ARRL General Counsel Chris Imlay, W3KD, said, “It represented a big change in well-entrenched attitudes in Poway spanning decades so this is a big win for us.” Here’s ARRL’s take.

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