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Powell Concerned About Weighing Down Indecency Bills

Powell Concerned About Weighing Down Indecency Bills

The House and Senate Commerce Committees have both piled on amendments to their respective bills to raise fines for broadcast indecency violations, and FCC Chairman Michael Powell has joined other lawmakers in saying he’s worried about weighing down the measures to the point where they become unmovable. According to Reuters, Powell enforcement remedies being captured by constitutional litigation,” speaking to reporters said, “There are a number of things that give me pause because I don’t want to see after addressing a meeting of the National Association of Regulatory Commissioners Wednesday.
“Things like three strikes and you’re out, I think is an understandable idea, but when you think it through, I can imagine scenarios where it can be more problematic than not.”
The chairman also expressed concern about a provision in the Senate measure to study a possible link between media consolidation and indecency, and delay implementation of the FCC’s new ownership rules pending completion of that review.
The full House is expected this week to consider its measure to raise the fines for broadcast indecency violations to $500,000.