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Powell Says There is No More Spectrum in FCC Closet

Powell Says There is No More Spectrum in FCC Closet

FCC Chairman Michael Powell has outlined elements for future spectrum policy initiatives. Powell made his remarks at the opening of the final day of four public workshops the FCC Spectrum Policy Task Force has convened to seek industry, government and public input on spectrum policy issues.
Powell called for more efficient use of existing spectrum, not just allocation of more spectrum and said the problem increasingly is that demand for spectrum far outstrips the amount of available spectrum. “The real challenge is how to get more use out of spectrum that 80% of the time lies fallow.” Powell suggested the answer relies on the empowerment of technology that will allow for more innovative uses of existing technologies like software defined radio and spectrum sharing.
He also cited the need for continued use of unlicensed bands. “The time has come to realize that there’s not a whole lot of spectrum in the closet we have back here at the FCC that hasn’t been put out yet,” Powell said.
He reiterated his often-suggested market based mechanisms for regulation. Powell also said that both the government and commercial sectors must improve the balance and processes used for reconciling critical governmental uses with commercial uses. The spectrum policy task force formed in June to help the commission identify and evaluate changes and improvements in spectrum policy. The task force will present its recommendations in a report to the commission by the end of October.