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Powell To Leave FCC in March

Powell To Leave FCC in March

After denying the rumors he was leaving for more than a year, FCC Chairman Michael Powell has now resigned. He intends to leave the agency in March.
In a statement to his colleagues he said: “Having completed a bold and aggressive agenda, it is time for me to pursue other opportunities and let someone else take the reins of the agency. … The seeds of our policies are taking firm root in the marketplace and are starting to blossom. The use of cell phones, digital televisions, personal video recorders, and digital music players, is exploding. These devices are increasingly connected anytime, anywhere by a wide variety of broadband networks enabling a host of competitive services and new applications.”
Comments we hear from broadcasters, lobbyists and communications attorneys give him kudos for bringing more of a technology focus to the agency, with differing opinions as to how he regarded terrestrial broadcasters. Certainly he’ll be remembered for the changes in ownership rules and the indecency crackdown, sources commented.
No word yet on who would succeed Powell; one of the Republican commissioners, Kevin Martin or Kathleen Abernathy, may be appointed as acting chairman, sources said.