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Powerbox Debuts Supply for FM Transmitters

Powerbox Debuts Supply for FM Transmitters

European power supply company Powerbox is offering a line of 2,500W power supplies compatible with European 230V single-phase or American 208V AC three-phase. They are suitable for use with FM transmitters from 10 to 20 kW.
The power stage uses full-bridge technology and offers constant power output protection, able to supply 75A subdivided in four separate channels from 32VDC.
A metal sheath is used as the principle radiator, coupled with the customer’s water-cooled heat sink. “The power supply unit guarantees two auxiliary outputs independent from the primary output from 48VDC /2,5A e 5VDC/1A respectively,” the company states. “The product is also protected from overloads, short circuits, over voltage and overheating.” Retail price is $480.