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Powerful Penalty for Pompano Pirate

FCC says Marc-Nus Charles has a history of operating unauthorized stations

The commission issued a larger than usual fine against Marc-Nus Charles for operating a pirate station.

The Enforcement Bureau says Charles ignored two written warnings about operating the unauthorized station on 92.5 MHz in Pompano Beach, Fla. Charles has a history of operating pirate stations in the area, according to the FCC, which shut one of his stations in 2009 and seized the equipment.

He didn’t respond to the original proposed penalty in 2013 when agents traced another unauthorized signal transmitting from his apartment, according to the bureau; that’s why the case has now escalated to a Forfeiture Order and the $20,000 fine is double the base amount.

“The fact the Mr. Charles would ignore the commission’s warnings demonstrates a deliberate disregard for the Commission’s authority and its rules, warranting a significant penalty,” states Dennis Carlton, a regional director of the Enforcement Bureau.

Payment is due within 30 days.