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PPM Chosen for U.K. Panel

PPM Chosen for U.K. Panel

While continuing to duke it out with two competitors for the U.S. market, Arbitron said its PPM system was selected for an electronic radio and television audience measurement panel in London.
The research firm said the selection was by RAJAR, an industry ratings consortium in the United Kingdom, and was made to TNS, a licensee of the PPM technology.
“TNS has been awarded a two-year contract to operate a PPM Panel that will deliver weekly data for more than 50 national and local radio stations and television channels across four platforms,” Arbitron stated. Those are analog and digital radio, digital TV and the Internet. “This panel will operate in parallel to the current ratings system in the United Kingdom, preparing the way for a full electronic system for radio.” The data will be separate from the existing, ongoing ratings system there.
RAJAR is combining resources with a U.K. television measurement body in commissioning the panel. Both viewing and listening will be measured by the PPM system.
Arbitron said PPM was chosen after testing against the Media Audit/IPSOS Smart Phone and MRI/Eurisko Audiometers systems.