PPM Measures Listening Spike As Shuttle Disaster Broke

PPM Measures Listening Spike As Shuttle Disaster Broke
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People turned to radio and TV, as news broke about the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster on Feb. 1. Arbitron said the Philadelphia Portable People Meter panel captured the larger-than-average Saturday audiences for both radio and television; wherever people were exposed to the Space Shuttle story. PPM results showed a six-fold increase for one news radio station and two cable news channels.
People ages 25-54 tuned into all-news KYW(AM) at six times the normal rate during late morning of Saturday, Feb. 1. The higher-than-normal listening pattern continued throughout the day, according to the ratings company. To see the listening patterns of the day charted out, go to http://www.arbitron.com/portable_people_meters/shuttle.htm.


RTM Adds Disaster Team

The unit is responsible for disseminating information about weather events and other disasters, as well as offering safety guidelines to help the public during disasters and recovery.