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PPM Shows Higher Cumes; Impact on Ratings Scrutinized

PPM Shows Higher Cumes; Impact on Ratings Scrutinized

Arbitron has released individual radio station estimates from its continuing market trial of the PPM in the Philadelphia area. Key findings, according to the ratings company:
– Cume audiences in the test period were “significantly higher” for all stations compared to diary results, with second- and third-favorite stations benefiting the most.
– The Personal People Meter reported higher total-day AQH audiences than the diary approach for these demos: 12-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44 and 45-54. The diary, on the other hand, is reporting higher audiences for 55-64 and 65+.
– PPM audiences are higher than the diary for Men 12+. PPM audiences are equivalent for Women 12+ and lower than the diary for African-Americans.
– For hour-by-hour audiences, the PPM is reporting lower 12+ audiences for morning drive, with equivalent or slightly higher audiences in other dayparts. Arbitron said the 55+ demo accounts for most if not all of that difference. The PPM hour-by-hour audience in morning drive is higher than the diary for persons 18-34, roughly the same for persons 25-54 and significantly lower for persons 55+.
– For seven key demographics, the PPM estimates for total day AQH ratings were, on average, higher for 16 of 46 encoded stations, the same for 22 stations and lower than the diary for 8 stations.