PPM Tested for HD Radio Compatibility

PPM Tested for HD Radio Compatibility
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Arbitron and Ibiquity engineers are satisfied the Portable People Meter encoding process won’t degrade an HD Radio signal. Arbitron’s Jay Guyther told RW Online both companies cooperated for several months worth of tests at WPOC(FM), Baltimore. Earlier this year, they conducted lab tests, then computer simulations, and finally, live over-the air tests. The PPM encoder was left in the station’s digital air chain for several months, Guyther said, and both companies are satisfied with the results. There are no plans at this time for tests on additional stations, he said.


German Station Tests HD Radio

Private station Radio Regenbogen and network operator Media&Broadcast, a division of T-Systems, are launching a field test of HD Radio IBOC digital radio technology at the end of August.