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PPW to Disband

PPW to Disband

The emergency warning group Partnership for Public Warning is dissolving after all.
Radio World reported last year the group would cut back its efforts due to limited funds, although at that time it intended to continue in existence.
Representatives from federal, state and local government, emergency managers, private industry and academia created PPW as a non-profit group in 2001 to develop better ways to warn and communicate with citizens in emergencies.
PPW conducted an assessment of the Emergency Alert System and provided recommendations for improvement. PPW says its work was a major factor in the recent FCC decision to issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on EAS.
The group evaluated the Homeland Security Advisory System and provided recommendations for developing a more effective way to communicate terrorist threat information to the public.
“Those of us in the public warning community intend to continue to work towards better warning systems so we can protect the public,” stated PPW Board Chair Craig Fugate. “While there is still a vital need for public-private partnerships in this area, we expect that other organizations will step forward and build upon the work done by PPW.”