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PPW to Trim Warning Efforts

PPW to Trim Warning Efforts

The Partnership for Public Warning, a group of broadcasters, local emergency management officials and other participants formed to improve emergency communications in the country, is scaling back its efforts due to a lack of funds. In a letter sent to members this week, PPW Chair Craig Fugate states that although the group would continue its work to improve the nation’s public warning capability and the group will continue to exist, its efforts “must be scaled back dramatically.”
“As a state emergency manager I know first-hand the importance of public warning,” writes Fugate. “I am very proud of our accomplishments and hope that in time we will succeed in securing the level of funding necessary to enable the full range of activity called for in our national strategy. I can assure you that our board of trustees remains committed to our common goal. Please accept our appreciation for your continued support.”
The PPW hosted its second National Summit on Public Warning in America this week. Fugate told RW Online roughly 100 people attended.
During the meeting, the PPW board awarded its 2004 Distinguished Service Awards to Art Botterell for his work with the Common Alerting Protocol and to Frank Lucia for his work on the Emergency Alert System.