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Premiere, WWO, Dial-Global, Arbitron Work to Get More Radio in ‘Marketing Spend’

Idea is to demonstrate the impact of radio advertising on product sales

Radio traditionally gets in on an advertising buy only after the client considers print and television.

Arbitron and a group of radio industry leaders are collaborating on an initiative intended to change all that.

Arbitron, with Dial-Global, Premiere Radio Networks and Westwood One, say they want to improve the analytical methods used by advertisers to evaluate the tangible impact of radio advertising on product sales.

The companies have agreed to fund the initiative (for an undisclosed amount) and work with marketing mix companies to update their models with more granular and timely radio data.

Arbitron SVP/Chief Sales Officer Carol Hanley called the initiative “a major effort designed to help radio claim a larger share of marketing spend.”

“We’ve always known from our clients that the medium has worked. Through this initiative, we have a terrific opportunity to validate that statistically,” according to Charlie Rahilly, president of National Advertising Platforms for Clear Channel Radio.

The companies have retained brand and media metrics consultant Sequent Partners to guide and coordinate their effort.