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PRI Appoints Keith Talbot to Head ‘Public Radio Op-Ed’

PRI Appoints Keith Talbot to Head 'Public Radio Op-Ed'

Public Radio International has chosen Keith Talbot to be executive producer of “Public Radio Op-Ed,” a new program initiative designed to bring the diverse opinions and perspectives of known and unknown citizens to listeners nationwide. Seven public radio stations have joined PRI a collaboration to create “Public Radio Op-Ed”: WGBH Radio Boston; WNYC, New York Public Radio; WHYY/Philadelphia; WAMU/Washington; WCPN/Cleveland; KERA/Dallas; and KCRW/Santa Monica.
Talbot assumes his duties as the project begins its pilot phase at these partnering stations. As executive producer, he will oversee all aspects of the project’s editorial direction and production output, including commissioning, editing, adherence to rigorous journalistic standards, and fiscal management.
Talbot takes a personal approach to Public Radio Op-Ed. “Like millions of Americans, every morning I wake up, turn on the radio, and tune in to an increasingly complex world. Now, what I want to know is, how are other people coping? By developing this new kind of responsive radio (doing for radio what the Op-Ed pages have done for newspapers), we’ll be discovering the untold story.”
Talbot began working in public radio in 1972 as a staffer for NPR’s “All Things Considered.”
Talbot came to work for PRI (then American Public Radio) in 1985, creating “Kids America,” and spearheaded the development of a new English-language program featuring talent from the Spanish language network, Telemundo.