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PRI Executive to Program WYMS

PRI Executive to Program WYMS

We told you last year about the unusual management setup at a public FM radio station in Milwaukee, which is being run by a group of musicians under an arrangement with the licensee.
Now a Public Radio International executive, Dale Spear, has been named to run noncom WYMS(FM). The non-profit group appointed by Milwaukee Public Schools has run the station under a seven-year deal since Jan. 1.
Spear, a 25-year public radio veteran, was appointed GM and will implement programming changes at the jazz station later this year.
Radio For Milwaukee was founded by Peter Buffett, a performer, writer and producer who is son of Warren Buffett; Joe Puerta, co-founder of Ambrosia and Bruce Hornsby and the Range; and Todd Broadie, former marketing director of Narada Records.
Spear had been vice president of programming and acquisitions at PRI. He called the WYMS job “an irresistible opportunity to help design a new station from the ground up.” Spear leaves PRI after 10 years.
The group has said they’ll develop a format “to support musicians and restore creativity to music radio.”