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Pricey Receiver: Club Will Auction the “$10,000 Radio”

Pricey Receiver: Club Will Auction the "$10,000 Radio"

When members of the New Jersey Antique Radio Club drove to the house of a deceased collector’s sister this month to pick up a donation of radios, they found a surprise beneath the lid of an old Crawford three-dialer from the 1920s — a thick envelope containing $10,000.
The Asbury Park Press reported the club had planned to auction off the radios for the sister; it maintains a museum and headquarters at the InfoAge science/history learning center in New Jersey.
After club members passed the envelope around “to see what it felt like to hold $10,000,” the NJARC called the owner to inform her of the situation. Club President Phil Vourtsis delivered the envelope to her the next day, and the story of how the money ended up in the radio began to unfold.
The Asbury Park Press quotes Ray Chase as saying the donor’s brother was known for keeping money around the house and was distressed to discover a large sum of money missing shortly before he died. NJARC said he had kept the money in a dresser by his bed, but one day it was gone, with no sign of a break-in.
The sister “said it didn’t surprise her too awfully much” that money was discovered in the radio, said Chase. After talking with the donor, Vourtsis and she determined that with his failing memory the brother must have mistakenly placed the envelope in the Crawford next to his dresser.
NJARC says the auction of the “$10,000 Radio” will be announced on its Web site, where photos of the radio also can be seen.