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Pristine SmartPromo Automates Tease

Pristine SmartPromo Automates Tease

Pristine Systems offers SmartPromo, which works within the company’s Content Delivery System automation to select upcoming songs and blend them into a “coming up next” teaser at air time. A SmartPromo marker may be inserted into the on-screen log for playback at any time.
“Each song’s hook is identified as it is imported into the system,” said George Thomas, president. “A link is then established to a voice track and CDS assembles these and other elements into a smooth sounding promo in real time.”
Also new from Pristine is the Blackbox digital monitor/recorder/alert system with up to 16 stereo or 32 mono channels of logging and a virtual radio player for listening to multiple stations’ histories. The system can mark all points at which the talent’s microphone is open, allowing easy review of on-air performances.