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Processor Combines BW and TransLanTech Designs

Processor Combines BW and TransLanTech Designs

BW Broadcast will introduce an audio processor at the NAB show. It is the second result of a recent collaboration with TransLanTech Sound.
The company, which makes the DSPX processor, now will offer the “DSPeXtra, with Ariane Inside.” Features include a new six-band limiter with better distortion control, a “super-intelligent” multiband AGC adopted from TransLanTech Sound’s Ariane digital audio leveler, and split processing architecture. The latter means the product can be used for simultaneous FM and digital radio services. Other features includeTCP/IP and serial control, multiple factory and user presets and front-panel metering/control.
TransLanTech earlier announced a new planned product, the “Ariane Sequel” Digital Audio Leveler.
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