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Programmatic, Private Digital Radio Marketplace Announced by iHeart

Service is undergirded by AdsWizz technology

IHeartMedia has launched what it describes as the first programmatic private marketplace for digital radio in the United States.

According to the company, using programmatic technology from digital advertising solutions provider AdsWizz, “the private marketplace will allow select programmatic buyers to access iHeartMedia’s radio inventory across its digital properties” and let certain agencies and brands “programmatically target” consumers using first- and third-party data segments.

“Enriching the buying process with advanced data matching and automation is the ‘new school’ of marketing optimization,” Seth Goren, senior vice president, media strategy and analytics for Discovery Communications was quoted saying in the announcement. IHeart, he was quoted saying, is bringing data and programmatic capabilities to the broadcast and digital radio space.

This move is the latest in several iHeartMedia programmatic ventures. In September 2015, iHeart’s Katz Radio group launched a test programmatic ad buying exchange called Expressway from Katz, notably piloted by Entercom stations in Boston and Buffalo, N.Y. In April 2015, iHeartMedia and Katz first joined the programmatic game with their own platform based on Jelli’s technology. And it was in July 2014 that iHeart and AdsWizz joined forces to deploy a “delivery insertion method for targeted ads in live broadcast radio streams” specific to iHeartRadio.

“iHeartMedia is committed to evolving the ways marketers can reach and influence their target audience through our audio channels,” said iHeartMedia President of Programmatic and Data Operations Brian Kaminsky in the announcement. He said using programmatic with iHeartRadio’s digital listening audiences is a “natural extension” of the company’s direct sales and broadcast programmatic initiatives.