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Cox Assesses Radio Listening

Says “feel-good” stories, humor and local virus updates are valued

People are turning more to local radio right now, says Cox Media Group.

The company, which owns radio and TV stations, streaming video and digital platforms, said it conducted a research study the week of March 30.

“During this time of crisis, consumers are turning to local radio for information, entertainment and companionship more than any other media source.”

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It found that one-third of participants are listening to radio more since the outbreak. “Since the outbreak, 94% of participants indicated that they have tuned into local radio more than any other streaming service for music, talk and information, demonstrating that as radio continues to evolve, ‘local’ ranks as one of the most important differentiators.”

The study sought to measure the impact of radio and other audio content during the coronavirus crisis; it was conducted online with some 11,000 respondents 18 to 54 years of age.

Cox said that with consumers having more options to move from one device to another, audiences since the outbreak are listening more or the same amount of time with a smartphone (81%), desktop/laptop (67%), radio station app (57%), car radio (55%) and home radio (54%) almost evenly split, a tablet (48%) or a smart speaker (36%).

“As always, content is key regardless of the delivery platform,” the company stated. “The topics listeners are most interested in receiving from their local radio stations include feel-good stories, things to make them laugh and local virus updates.”


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