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Progressive Concepts Adds 300-Watt FM Unit

Progressive Concepts Adds 300-Watt FM Unit

Progressive Concepts is expanding its line of FM broadcast transmitters.
The TX300 is aimed at the LPFM market and those users who want an exciter or backup transmitter.
RF output power is variable from 35 to 300 watts. The LCD display indicates frequency, forward/reverse power, PA temperature and voltage, PLL board voltages and modulation levels, as well as the amount of gain reduction of the limiter module.
Pins are available for fault monitoring, RF muting and transmitter parameter monitoring via RS232; a Windows program is available.
The audio limiter and digital stereo encoder each can be switched in and out of circuit; the transmitter can be used with external processing or stereo generator.
Versions in 3, 20, 50 and 150 watts also are available.