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Promo Only Debuts MPE 3.0

Promo Only Debuts MPE 3.0

Promo Only and partner Destiny Media debuted the upgraded Promo Only MPE 3.0 for Mac and PC users.
Promo Only is a secure central location for the music and radio broadcast industries to obtain audio, video and additional track information for new releases. The companies say this version is faster and more user-friendly, and enables customers to download and export complete video files.
Version 3.0 allows users to download video files and also export compatible video files on to video iPods or other portable media devices. Additionally, the system includes a revamp of the interface to provide users with quicker and more efficient navigation through 30,000 available tracks.
Customers also are now able to sign into their Promo Only MPE account securely through any Web browser, and preview digitally watermarked streams of new releases and obtaining information on available tracks by logging on through the Web site.