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Promo Only Inks Citadel to Encryption System

Promo Only Inks Citadel to Encryption System

Citadel Broadcasting will use Promo Only’s MPE, which stands for “Music Protected by Encryption,” an anti-piracy and digital distribution system, at its 213 radio stations. The supplier hopes its technology will become a radio/music industry standard.
The company also said it has surpassed 1,200 users signed on to the service. Promo Only MPE launched at the recent NAB Radio Show in San Diego. It is free to stations and has distributed 100 tracks from 30 labels.
Promo Only MPE is intended to help the music industry combat piracy as well as save money in distribution costs. Universal Music Group has distributed some 70 tracks to radio via Promo Only MPE thus far.
The security system “locks down” the distributed content and allows labels to track who is accessing their property. Each song is encrypted so that only those with the MPE program can access it. An ID code specific to each user is applied when a song is requested; meaning that only registered users can access the song and, once installed, the ID cannot be moved to any other computer.
A company official called the Citadel agreement a “huge milestone” for Promo Only MPE. Clear Channel has made Promo Only MPE available to its stations as well.