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ProStream Is Telos Streaming Encoder

1RU box integrates processing, encoding and streaming

Telos Systems offers ProStream, a hardware streaming audio encoder.

The company said the 1RU encoder, which retails for $1,995, integrates several functions that would otherwise require three computers — to process audio, encode it and then stream it.

ProStream converts programming to streaming audio, optimized for any bitrate. A three-band Omnia audio processor feeds an encoder section with MPEG encoding algorithms from Fraunhofer. The two sections are coupled; Omnia Sensus technology works with the encoder to analyze and adapt the processor’s algorithms to the bitrate chosen.

“ProStream sends its encoded audio — with your choice of MP3, AAC-LC or HE-AAC encoding — directly to a specified stream replicator for distribution to Internet listeners,” Telos states. “You can feed Icecast or any Shoutcast or Shoutcast-compatible media server, Wowza or Adobe Flash Media servers for streaming to Flash clients, or send it to your Live365 server.”

It said University of Wisconsin station WSUM(FM) is among those using the system.