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PTEK Rolls Out Gamma 3000

FM transmitter is touted for its modularity, small footprint

PTEK is offering a new FM transmitter, the Gamma 3000.

The system features 1,250 watt power amp modules and hot-pluggable power supplies.

“The power amplifiers and power supplies are independently operated and removable from the front of the unit while it is installed,” the company states. “They are load sharing so whether you remove a power amplifier and/or a power supply, the unit is still operational at reduced power.” The California-based company also highlights an “extremely compact” footprint.

Features include remote control interface, LED status on each PA, VSWR foldback, harmonic filter and wide-range, single-phase design. It is available with optional PTEK FM25ES exciter.

The 3 kW unit occupies four rack units and weighs 88 pounds.