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PTFP Funding for FY2011 in Jeopardy

Status of federal budget in flux

The big news at this year’s Association of Public Radio Engineers conference is funding, especially for equipment grants.

There is no PTFP funding for fiscal year 2011 in the current continuing resolution, attendees of the Public Radio Engineering Conference have learned. That’s the situation now, though it could change depending on what Congress does about keeping the federal government running while lawmakers sort out the budget process.

I hear NPR Labs and CPB are working hard to get that funding restored for FY2012. We recently reported new PTFP grant applications were due in March to NTIA, with actual grant awards predicated on whether funds would be available.

PTFP grants have been used by noncoms to not only convert their plants to HD Radio, but to also improve their analog FM facilities at the same time.

Some 90 non-com radio technical professionals are attending the PREC at the MGM Grand this year, up from about 75 last year.

— Leslie Stimson