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Public Broadcast Group Calls for CPB Reform

Public Broadcast Group Calls for CPB Reform

The Association of Public Television Stations wants to see reform at the top of the CPB. It is proposing legislative changes to reform the governance of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
“The proposed legislative changes, approved by the association’s board of directors last Saturday, are designed to elevate the professionalism of the CPB board, ensure that local public stations remain the focus of CPB support, de-politicize the governance of the CPB board, and further guarantee the editorial integrity of public broadcasting,” it stated in the announcement.
John Lawson, president/CEO of the association, said, “The abuses of the previous CPB board chairman bring to light the need for meaningful reforms. What happens at CPB has a real effect on local public television and radio stations – the heart and soul of public broadcasting – and the communities we serve. Our board has brought forward a set of principled, long-term solutions to ensure sound, bi-partisan governance of CPB.”