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Public Radio Engineers Launch Association

Public Radio Engineers Launch Association

This story is copyright Radio World.

A number of public radio engineers have decided to form an association, one that would be open to technical personnel of any public radio facility.
As reported in the June 7 issue of Radio World, which is about to reach readers, public engineers have been talking about forming such a group for a variety of reasons. The group has now launched.
“We had the official founding meeting (Wednesday) to put together a board of directors and initial committees to launch the group,” according to Vice Chair Dan Mansergh, DOE at KQED(FM), San Francisco. He said more details will follow once he and Chair Ralph Hogan of Northwest Public Radio receive responses of interest from the board members.
One decision already made: The group will be called the “Association of Public Radio Engineers,” Mansergh said, or APRE. The name Public Radio Engineering Association had initially been considered, but the acronym PREA has several non-radio related uses and the group wanted to avoid confusion.