Public Radio Groups Share Ford Digital Media Grants

Public Radio Groups Share Ford Digital Media Grants
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The Nonprofit Finance Fund will receive an initial $1.2 million grant from the Ford Foundation to provide financial and business management guidance services to NPR, PBS, Public Radio International and eight other organizations.
The recipients are participating in a $50 million media initiative called Global Perspectives in a Digital Age: Transforming Public Service Media.
In 2005, the Ford Foundation announced a $50 million commitment over five years to help public media organizations expand international news, public affairs and cultural programming and “reach diverse audiences that can help them attain financial security.”


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Radio Groups Build a Shared Data Channel

This year, eight radio ownership groups announced the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium, a joint venture that essentially will sell bandwidth to content providers and divvy up the income, helping the broadcasters pay for, and profit from, their new digital infrastructures.