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Public Radio USB Bookmark Gains Attention

Developers looking for more ideas for keychain, purse device

We’ve mentioned that the Insignia HD is being used as a giveaway during pledge drives this fall.

On a related angle, 74 public broadcast groups (mostly radio but also two TV) are using the Radio Bookmark as a premium.

The USB device has two buttons, allowing the user to bookmark a story or music to hear later from two different supported public stations that you choose. The device records the time of day and matches your bookmarks with your station’s program schedule.

Later, you plug the device into a USB port on your computer and the unit creates a personal Web page that lists your “bookmarked” stories.

The developers at Sky Blue Technologies claim the device can support up to 128 bookmarks between uploads. The developers are asking those who have new ideas to use the bookmark — or who have an idea for a different way to use a device with a small micro, a real-time clock, a little memory, and a USB interface — to contact them.

The device is available from stations as a pledge premium. It’s also available directly to the public for just under $40.

Sounds like a great way to capture listening, including who’s listening to what and when.