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PubRadio’s VuHaus Initiative Highlights Music Discovery

Public radio stations form VuHaus video collaborative

A collaborative video initiative will launch this month, founded by five public radio stations that are active in “music discovery.”

The initiative is called VuHaus and is described as a curated national streaming video platform. It was started by WFUV New York, KCRW Los Angeles, WXPN Philadelphia, KUTX Austin, Texas, and KTBG The Bridge in Kansas City. They’ve now added seattle pubcaster KEXP as well.

“VuHaus, which received initial funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, is set to launch on May 13 at the Non-Commvention in Philadelphia and will announce the addition of more stations soon,” it stated in an announcement.

VuHaus is non-profit with the stated goal of providing a video service “so audiences can view rare in-studio performances of emerging artists, one-of-a-kind interviews of their favorite musicians and live performance streams, all housed under one roof.”

The stations record artists in their studios and on location. “These videos are then curated on the nationally-curated VuHaus mobile app and website.” Each VuHaus station will also curate its own local channel on the site. KEXP alone hosts some 500 in-studio sessions annually.

Roger LaMay, general manager of WXPN, is chairman of its board. VuHaus is operated by the nonprofit Public Media Company.