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Pulizzi Offers Vertical Cable Restraint, Management System

Pulizzi Offers Vertical Cable Restraint, Management System

Pulizzi Engineering offers its KIT-CABLRES-2X vertical cable restraint and management system. It has a cable tray that secures to the power distribution unit with mounting clamps.
The company says the design enables the cable tray to be retrofitted in the field or connected to new power distribution units. The cable tray has a series of square holes running the length of the power distribution unit that are used in conjunction with cable ties to secure the cables to the tray, allowing transverse cable routing. One system offers two functions by securing connections and providing cable routing/management.
Pulizzi says the cable retention method has advantages over conventional locking connector technologies, as locking connectors typically are 50 percent to 300 percent more expensive, and most can be defeated with a twist or flip. Pulizzi’s system requires a cable tie cutter to disconnect.
The cable management system on the KIT-CABLRES allows for installation and wire routing.
KIT-CABLRES is available in several versions to accommodate a Pulizzi vertical power distribution unit.