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Pure to Deliver SiriusXM Content Over Internet Radios

Evoke F4, One Flow and Sensia 200D Connect can receive satellite radio

Consumer electronics maker Pure has integrated SiriusXM into select new Internet radio receivers to give subscribers access to satellite radio programming.

Subscribers can listen to SiriusXM on the Evoke F4, One Flow and Sensia 200D Connect. Pure is a U.K.-based company that began 10 years ago. It opened a West Coast sales office for the U.S. last year.

Now Pure sells broadcast and Internet receivers as well as wireless audio systems in Europe, Australia and North America.

The company plans to add SiriusXM content to other Pure platforms during 2014.

Pure U.S. Sales Director Noam Meppen said: “We know that radio is extremely important to U.S. consumers with 75% of people listening every day or most days. He notes that both in-car and in-home listening are popular. That’s why Pure wanted to offer satellite radio programming so subscribers can listen through Pure Internet radios in their vehicles, homes or offices.