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Pure Unveils Elan 3 Color Radio

Digital and FM radio available in either red, blue or grey

Radio; now in color. That is what Pure is offering with its new Elan 3 digital and FM radio. The compact radio features a colorful exterior available in red, blue or grey, as well as a 2.8-inch full color TFT display that lets users browse through digital stations; the digital radio slideshow is also displayed in full color.

The Elan 3 features a bespoke 3-inch full range speaker powered by a digital amplifier. It has six equalization settings for quick adjustment to varying music tones. The radio’s bass, treble and loudness can also be adjusted.

Additional features include a digital clock, two alarms, auxiliary input and headphone output. It is powered by either mains or batteries.

The Elan 3 is currently available in the United Kingdom at a price of £49.99 (around $65).