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QinetiQ Joins DRM

QinetiQ Joins DRM

QinetiQ has joined the Digital Radio Mondiale Consortium. DRM is made up of 75 broadcasters, network operators, manufacturers and researchers from 29 countries who are developing a digital system for the broadcasting bands below 30 MHz overseas- short-wave, medium-wave and long-wave.
QinetiQ studies RF propagation to analyze and predict the impact of the atmospheric environment on communication, radar, navigation and surveillance systems. QinetiQ was formerly the bulk of the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency and was formed on July 1, 2001, as a result of the UK government’s public private partnership plan.
“We look forward to their participation as we prepare for DRM’s launch in 2003,” said DRM Chairman Peter Senger.
QinetiQ plans to undertake technological studies and implement and manage solutions for the UK Ministry of Defence, for other government departments and commercial customers.